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Snowshoe Rental – Our fleet gets ready for winter

By Posted in - Camping & Winter on December 22nd, 2014 snowshoe_florian_hill

Getting Winter Ready with an Expanded Snowshoe Fleet

With winter firmly underway, and snow piling up in the mountains, it’s the perfect time of year to experience New York’s backcountry and all of its quiet grandeur. To do so, however, will require a bit of specialized equipment. In addition to cold weather clothing, and sturdy winter boots, most travelers will also need a pair of snowshoes if there’s more than a foot of snow on the ground. A snowshoe helps to distribute a hiker’s weight across a larger surface area, preventing them from sinking into loose, deep snow. This is particularly important when hiking in the backcountry, as snow will settle on the leeward side of hills, making them difficult to traverse.

While there are many excellent manufactures producing great quality snowshoes, we decided to go with Mountain Safety Research’s Revo Ascent, a lightweight modular snowshoe with a unique feature that makes ascending steep mountain faces less taxing and more efficient. In addition to having the features we wanted, we went with MSR because their equipment is well-designed, robust and easy to use. Rental snowshoes, and all rental equipment for that matter, must stand up to the rigors of regular, heavy usage. We’re confident that these snowshoes will do just that, while providing our clients with an intuitive, easy to use setup. For snowshoe pricing and our full list of equipment, visit our Rental Camping Equipment page.

Looking for some suggestions on where to snowshoe? Consider Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain. There you’ll find a plethora of trails and lots of terrain to explore. For directions from New York City via mass transit you’ll find our review here. And, if you’d like to snowshoe a bit closer to home, try Palisades Interstate Park. Located just over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey, the Palisades offers some great trekking options. Find our review and directions here.

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