Equipment for Exploration

Hand-Delivered Rental Camping Equipment

We carry a full line of rental camping and backcountry equipment for recreational campers, ultralight distance trekkers and day hikers. And, we’ll bring it to you! Call or email for availability:

917-830-5419 || info@traverseoutfitters.com || tweet: @trvrse

Current Deals:

4-5 day Rental = 10% discount

6-8 Day Rental = 15% Discount

9-11 Day Rental = 20% Discount

12-15 Day Rental = 25% Discount

Tents & Shelters (click for images)

1 Person
$36 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)
2 Person
$38 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)
3 Person
$46 (First 48 Hours)
$10 (Each Day After)
4 Person
$58 (First 48 Hours)
$16 (Each Day After)
2 Person: Tarp Tent
$38 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)

Sleeping Bags (click for images)

30°F Synthetic Fill
$25 (First 48 Hours)
$7 (Each Day After)
20°F Down FP 650+
$30 (First 48 Hours)
$10 (Each Day After)
0°F Down FP 650+
$40 (First 48 Hours)
$12 (Each Day After)
-20°F Down FP 800+
$48 (First 48 Hours)
$16 (Each Day After)

Sleeping Pads (click for images)

Closed Cell – Foam
$8 (First 48 Hours)
$4 (Each Day After)
Self Inflating – Air/Foam
$13 (First 48 Hours)
$5 (Each Day After)

Packs and Rucksacks

Pack 50-55 Liter
$28 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)
Pack 80-85 Liter
$38 (First 48 Hours)
$10 (Each Day After)
Expedition Duffle 80 Liter
$30 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)

Trekking Poles

3 Section
$14 (First 48 Hours)
$6 (Each Day After)


$24 (First 48 Hours)
$6 (Each Day After)
$28 (First 48 Hours)
$8 (Each Day After)

Why Rent Camping Equipment From Traverse Outfitters?

Because we make it simple. When you rent from Traverse Outfitters, your equipment gets hand-delivered to your door–on your schedule. After your trip, we’ll be back to pick everything up. And, with free delivery for orders of $119 or more*, what’s not to love?! For all the details, read below. 

Our fleet of Rental Camping Equipment Is Top Notch!

We’re currently carrying products from MSRMountain Hardwear, Marmot, Therm-a-Rest, Kelty, and others. Our rental equipment is meticulously cared for and given the love it deserves. And, our sleeping bags are laundered after every outing–guaranteed! Give us a call and learn more about our fleet and our custom outfittings – 917-830-5419

*Delivery, Deposit and more…

Delivery in Brooklyn and Queens: Orders of $119 or more receive free, round-trip, delivery within Brooklyn and Queens. If you haven’t spent $119, but want your rental camping equipment delivered within those boroughs, we tack on a $20 charge for round-trip delivery.

Delivery in Manhattan: For Manhattan orders we’ll deliver round-trip to your door for just $25, between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

Delivery beyond Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan: Review our Group Outfitting page for detailed pricing and additional services. 

Security Deposit: With each rental we tack on a refundable deposit, equal to the rental amount before taxes, discounts or additional fees. If you return the equipment in working order, your entire deposit will be refunded. Equipment requiring significant cleaning (i.e. seriously muddy tents), or more than reasonable repair, may result in a portion of the deposit being withheld. Please review our page, Your Security Deposit for suggestions on how to maximize the utility of our equipment, while making the most of your wilderness experience. 

Discounts: Rental periods lasting between 4-5 days are discounted 10%. Rental periods between 6-8 days are discounted 15%. Rental periods between 9-11 days are discounted 20%. Rental periods between 12-15 days are discounted 25%. 

Cancellations: Life happens. We get it. If you need to cancel your rental order, for any reason, we’re happy to return your payment–no questions asked. To cover the transaction fees associated with these transfers, we subtract 5% of the original amount, as indicated in the Grand Total box of your receipt.

Last Minute Orders: In a rush? We can help. We’ll use every resource at our disposal to get you what’s needed for your adventure. To compensate us for our efforts, we’ll include a $20 Rush Delivery fee for orders requiring drop off within 6 hours.

Header Photo Credit: Morgana Skelton