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Group Outfittings Take Focus in 2016

By Posted in - General News on February 25th, 2016 group_outfittings_focus

Prepping for a Season of Group Outfittings

As we make the transition into spring, the team has been busy preparing the business for a planned expansion of group outfittings and corporate events. Over the past two years, we’ve steadily expanded our fleet to serve the growing needs of ever-larger groups. From corporate partners and wedding parties, to wilderness training events and expedition groups, Traverse Outfitters has experienced a notable rise in group outfittings. And come spring, I think we’ll be ready for more. In addition to expanding our selection of sleeping bags and pads, we’ve significantly grown our fleet of tents to twice its size from a year ago, with more en route.

Beyond growing our assortment, we’ve also expanded our regional footprint. We’re now offering hand-delivery to within 250 miles of our Brooklyn base. In other words, we’re now able to provide delivery to locations on Long Island, the Catskills and even central New York. We’ve also streamlined our set up process and can offer the service to any destination where we’ve delivered. This is perfect for large group events where convenience and timing is key.

Moreover, we’ve listed the prices of our entire range of services. Interested in learning what it will cost for delivery to Beacon, New York? We’ve posted a pricing schedule that includes cost per mile rates that make planning and budgeting simple and straightforward. Like to know the price of having 10 tents with sleeping bags and pads set up at your Hudson Valley farm? We’ve expanded our website with detailed set up pricing, providing clients with a ballpark estimate of the expense before they place that first call to our office.

While we’re unique in offering so much information so openly, we see the benefits of a clear and unambiguous approach. As the business has grown, we’ve learned that the more comprehensive we are in our information sharing, the more effective we are at solving our clients’ challenging logistical and budgetary needs. It also speaks to our overriding goal of providing the best customer service possible. For all the details, please visit our Group Outfittings page.

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