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Finding Solitude

By Posted in - Equipment and Health & General News & Hiking on August 4th, 2016 Solitude_hiking

Solitude Among…

When I began trekking and camping in my late teens, I was in search of adventure as much as solitude. In an effort to clear my head and gain perspective, the woods provided an environment to find myself, while simultaneously, losing myself to the largeness of space. Even today, my solitary quiet wonderings among the trees and mossy undergrowth provide a sense of place that no other experience has, or can, offer. In many ways these quiet experiences in nature have helped to define the arch of my life, providing context for significant moments of change. I’m sure that the experience for some of my customers is similar.

From time to time, I think of the far flung places our customers have been, and what they’ve seen. It’s really pretty amazing. I’ve had customers rent equipment to use on all seven continents and countless counties, let alone locations a bit closer to home. And while I rarely get into the details of their trip, more often than not, I can sense a profound joy in what they’ve done, and what they’ve experienced. It makes me incredibly proud that this business has played a hand, albeit a small one, in their experience of life out of doors.

If there’s a trip you’ve been itching to plan, get going. Whether it’s a solo adventure or an outing with friends, the benefits of getting out–even for a day trip–will be real and lasting. And, if you’re new to backcountry travel and need some assistance, we’re happy to help. We can provide suggestions based on your interests and whether you’ll have access to a car. Also, consider a visit to our NYC Hiking Guide–a listing of our favorite hiking and camping destinations within easy striking distance of the city. Enjoy the summer and your next trek. It’s sure to be a rewarding one.


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