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718 Cyclery: Brooklyn’s Home for Bikepacking and Adventure Cycling

By Posted in - Equipment and Health & General News on January 15th, 2016 718 cyclery_shop

Over the past two years, we’ve talked with hundreds of folks, headed out on all types of trips. From short jaunts in the Catskills and week-long paddles in the Adirondacks, to those looking a bit further afield, like Everest, Basecamp and the top of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania–we’ve fielded lots of questions and always try to provide the best insights that we can. These conversations often make up one of the most rewarding parts of our week. There are times, nevertheless, where our expertise proves, well, limited. When it happens, our diverse community of partners comes in really handy.

Our newest partner, one that we’re particularly excited to be working with, is 718 Cyclery–a full-service bike shop located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Now, 718 is not your run-of-the-mill shop. Trust me, they’re not. While they’ve chosen a distinctly unique model for the business (details below), they’re also the most reputable purveyor of bikepacking and adventure cycling equipment in the region. As we’ve seen an uptick in the number of clients who are showing an interest in backcountry bike touring, it’s great to have a local outfit to refer. If you’re thinking of upgrading your panniers to a frame pack, you’re going to want to visit with the team.

Unlike other shops in the city, 718 eschews the hard-sell. In fact, they don’t even have a sales team. Everyone who works in the shop is a tech–which means that the advice you’re getting is from a pro. And, if you’re a reader of reviews, the overwhelming consensus on Yelp and Google is that their customer service is as good as their wrench work. If they’re working on your bike, there’s a good chance you’ll be invited behind the counter to see what’s being done. In fact, they offer a collaborative build option, for those interested in building their brand new bike with an expert. One other way they separate themselves from the mainstream scene is by offering a slew of free classes throughout the year. Interested in building your own wheels? They have a class on it. How about adventure cycling? Yup, they have one. Or, maybe basic maintenance? Certainly. All free and open–just register through their website.

For more on 718 Cyclery, visit them at 254 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 or at www.718c.com. (347) 457-5760

Photo Credit: 718 Cyclery

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