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A Trip to the Laundromat: Cleaning and Customer Service

By Posted in - Camping & Equipment and Health on June 15th, 2014 Laundromat_cleaning

Serving Customers and Building Reputation–One, Clean, Sleeping Bag at a Time

I’ve always been into cleaning. Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes—if I’ve got a free moment, I’m likely cleaning something. In fact, I’m such a fan of home maintenance that a few years ago my girlfriend gave me a window squeegee for our anniversary. Though this cleaning can be a bit much for friends and family at times, it’s had the unexpected result of benefiting my business. I can safely say that my fastidiousness has ensured that my equipment is the best cared for, most-loved, rental gear in the city. And while my maintenance of the fleet has done a lot for my customers, it’s also done quite a bit for my bottom line.

Like most things in life, the more love and attention you give what you value, the healthier it is and the longer it lasts. This certainly applies to camping and hiking equipment. Over the past few months I’ve developed a pretty intensive cleaning regimen for my equipment because I want—no, I need it to last. Tents, sleeping bags, packs, they all get ‘the treatment’. In fact, I’m the only outfitter in NYC who launders sleeping bags after each and every trip. And though it’s an expense in terms of time and money, it’s worth it. By providing equipment that I’d want to use, I’m slowly building my business’s credibility here in the city. Additionally, by taking care of the equipment, with the aim of making it last longer, I can invest in better gear. If I can extend the life of my fleet, why not offer the best. A fact that my customers have noted.

In a nutshell, I aim to provide the kind of equipment that anyone would be proud to use. Sure, I could have gone a different route and saved some money, but that wouldn’t differentiate me from others in this industry. And really, Traverse is an extension of me. I want it to represent my values and ideals—and my ambition to serve the highest expectations of clients. Though I’ve got more to do, this business is making a difference; it’s changing what customers expect when it comes to renting camping equipment. And that makes me happy, even if it means I need to make a couple more trips to the laundromat this week.

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