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The Cliffs at LIC Proves Patience Pays Off

By Posted in - General News on July 24th, 2014 The Cliffs LIC

The Cliffs at LIC Proves Patience Pays Off

The folks at The Cliffs are definitely onto something. Since their launch earlier this summer in Long Island City, Queens, the people behind this expansive new climbing center have proven that the New York City-based climbing community is growing. And, on a recent trip to the facility, I witnessed this firsthand. At 8:00 on a Monday night, the 30,000 square foot space was packed with a notably diverse group of climbers. From college students on summer break, to pods of giggling teens, to professionals just off from work, the 100+ climbing stations were being well utilized. And, thanks to the space’s design, bottlenecks and near collisions seemed totally absent—a welcome change from the ducking and weaving common in most gyms.

More than a climbing gym, The Cliffs at LIC also serves as a fitness center. Through First Ascent Fitness, a partner in the facility, professional athletes and fitness-minded individuals can sign up for targeted trainings that build strength and stamina. These strength-building programs are balanced out by flexibility and yoga classes scheduled throughout the week and run by yogis like Joan Mann, a Baptiste-trained instructor. The Cliffs is also trying their hand at summer youth programming. This year their Summer Fun series is introducing youngsters to climbing, leadership training, and wilderness skills—a program run in conjunction with the Brooklyn-based guiding company, Destination Backcountry Adventures.

While the launch of The Cliffs facility in LIC was slightly delayed, patience has paid off. The space is beautiful and well thought-out, the staff knows their stuff, and the community there appears to truly enjoy what the gym has to offer. And by providing a range of services, they’re well-positioned both for growth and greater visibility within the broader recreation community. To learn more about The Cliffs, visit them at www.thecliffsclimbing.com.

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