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The 2015 Best Hiking Guides to the NYC Metro Area

By Posted in - Camping & General News & Hiking on May 1st, 2015 backroads_stormking

The 2015 Best Hiking Guides to the NYC Metro Area

We’re often asked, “what’s the best New York City hiking destination?” While it’s a relatively straightforward question, the answer isn’t an easy one. New York’s backcountry is both diverse and incredibly expansive. So, how do you suggest one or two hikes in a region which offers so much? In an effort to streamline our readers’ research we’ve put together a list of our favorite online guides to hiking in the New York metro area. They’re so good, in fact, we’re sure you’ll be visiting these sites again, and again–just as we do.

MyHarriman.comMyHarriman.com – If you’re considering a trip to Harriman State Park or Bear Mountain, myharriman.com is the site you’ll want to visit. Covering the park’s highlights, as well as its little-known gems, Suzy Allman–the site’s administrator–delves deep. From trail highlights and overviews of Harriman’s lean-tos, the site also gets into the region’s storied past, unearthing little-known details about the folks who founded the area, the revolutionary war, and the park’s early history. The site also offers free downloadable maps and suggestions on where to climb, swim and walk your pup.

Backroads and Pine Trees – Interested in casting your net a bit wider? If so, backroadsandpinetrees.com is for you. This site offers a smattering of destination descriptions from around the grBackroads and Pine Treeseater metro area–all accessible by mass transit. Eschewing long trail descriptions and mile markers, each destination review is pithy and well-organized. And, the accompanying photos are, in our humble opinion, works of art.

Unboring Exploring – If you’re a visual person, you’ll want to visit unboringexploring.com. Rather than transcribing the experience, Krysti Sabins brings you along. In her short 2-4 minute videos, Krysti introduces you to the area’s highlights, narrating as she goes. With her lively style, each piece pops with enthusiasm. Using wit and whimUnboring Exploringsy the edited pieces are fun, engaging and just a bit campy. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a good visual romp through the region’s backcountry, this is the place to start.

Photo Credit: Backroads and Pine Trees

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