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Hatchet Supply Co.: Brooklyn’s Downtown Outfitter

By Posted in - General News on March 23rd, 2015 hatchet_supply_storefront

Any relationship worth its salt is based on trust. That’s why one of our overriding goals at Traverse Outfitters has been to work with the outdoor industry’s most trusted retailers, vendors and service providers. And of our trusted partners, we’re particularly proud of our work with Hatchet Supply Co.–downtown Brooklyn’s independent outdoor retailer. Since 2013, Hatchet has been providing a unique and valued service for Brooklyn’s community of outdoor enthusiasts, not to mention those looking for quality heritage clothing, footwear and equipment. Balancing style and substance, the knowledgeable team at Hatchet offers a selection that is as appropriate for the city as it is for New York’s backcountry.

More than a retail partner, Hatchet also serves as one of our pick-up locations. And while the majority of our customers prefer the convenience of hand-delivery, Hatchet is the perfect location for us to meet clients, discuss the equipment they’ve rented, and recommend the varied odds and ends most everyone needs before heading out for a weekend. As we continue to expand our services, we’re confident that Hatchet Supply Co. will be there right along with us. To learn more about Hatchet Supply Co., visit them at www.hatchetsupply.com.

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